40th birthday gift for a friend

One of my best friends is 40 in November. We both have small babies but I would like to do something for the big day. A short trip, amazing day out or special gift. We have easy access to London and the south any recommendations gratefully received!

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I love Otiumberg for jewellery and feel like a classic pair of gold hoops would always be gratefully received. I also love the Four Seasons, Hampshire for a spa day - if you’re looking to escape London. For a girl’s night away Bruton is lovely for foodie experiences. You could stay at an airbnb (this one was lovely), book The Old Pharmacy for dinner. Or head to The Bradley Hare for dinner/ a delicious pub lunch…


Thank you so much! Bruton is a great shout and was thinking some jewellery so will have to have a think about what’s missing in her ‘wardrobe’ or what she wears everyday that could be made a little more special.

Margate is a fab day out or staycation spot - lots going on there these days! We wrote this pocket guide recently with lots of recommendations (including special dinner spots):

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On a jewellery theme but different, I think these jewellery cases are lovely and they can be personalised.

Oh amazing thank you!

This is a great idea. I hadn’t thought of this but she would love it! Thank you!

For something simple but a serious treat - in London - I’d say lunch at Daphnes or Langhans, or even Brasserie of Light at Selfridges and some shopping, nails, a gallery, cocktail at Claridges….

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I think this is exactly what I will do plus a jewellery gift others recommended. Thank you so much!

Hey, i turned 50 last summer & all my friends had a brief… no gifts, just experiences. Your time is more valuable than a material gift! Don’t get me wrong… I got some ace gifts!
I had a long weekend to Mallorca with 7 of my closest friends.
Closer to home:
Michelin star tasting menu
Afternoon tea at the ritz
Pretty woman west end show & dinner
Moulin rouge west end show & dinner
Design your own lipstick at code 8
Spa day
Hope this helps… milk your special milestone! Xx


Happy birthday and thank you so much!

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How about a personalised piece of Art?

Life in a Spiral.
A hand drawn spiral depicting every part of that persons life. From Birth to the present day! Showing all the actual houses and school. Big moments little moments and everything in between. Framed and boxed beautifully. Its a personal one of a kind gift.

A Maya Brenner necklace with her children’s initials is a nice idea - it’s what myself and my uni friends have all ended up treating each other to! (We live all round the world so we’re rarely together to be seen wearing them all at the same time!)