80th Birthday pressie ideas - for mum

Hi there,

I have my parents milestone bday this year and would love ideas from George & Charlotte, but open to others ideas too. Just your style guys. My mum is a tricky one to buy for, from yorkshire, so doesn’t like expensive gifts BUT it’s an amazing milestone. Oh what to get a lady has it all, loves to walk, golf, doesn’t like spas or expensive skincare or makeup - lippy’s yes!

Thanks so much! HELP

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Hi fitz1003,

Charlotte, Polly and Harriet answered your question on this week’s podcast! (see 43:15)

Sounds like my mum. Id say give her an experience, make it something she’ll remember. For example maybe a getaway somewhere where she can play golf etc. you could book somewhere like St Andrews or Gleneagles and include a round of golf??