9 year old sleepover ideas

Looking for some fun , inexpensive sleepover party ideas for my daughter. Just her and a friend but thinking of some little pampering treats etc. if anyone has some good suggestions!

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Oh how fun!
My sister-in-law gave my daughter a shoe box full of sleepover fun goodies and she loved it! Face masks, new nail varnish with fun files and toe dividers, eye mask, make up, scrunchie, bag of popcorn… lots of good 3 for 2s at Boots or somewhere that could work, or those little travel size toiletries?

We wrote this last year and it has a load of reccs for decorations and suppliers.

My niece is 10 and got given a foot spa for Christmas. It was SUCH a hit with alL the girls so might be a good investment for the evening. Kept them occupied for hours!

Vision boards can be really fun! You can get a lot of stickers and fun accessories on Amazon and find images online and on Pinterest for them to add! I did this when I was younger and its really nice to look back on to see what you wanted to achieve and what changed