Activities with girlfriends

I’m looking for things to do in London with a close girl friend as an alternative to the usual dinner/drink/park walk as we already do plenty of that!

She’s going through a rough time at work so perhaps something more wellness related, though completely open to ideas.


Could you try a new workout or dance class together? Perhaps something different like pole fitness? I really want to check out Mission, a new yoga studio in Shoreditch which has lots of classes like ballet, Pilates etc.

Otherwise could you do a craft workshop? Sip & Paint is always fun (Selfridges run these sometimes). Earl of East does candle making classes and Studio Pottery London does classes for beginners!

Me and a friend are planning an afternoon at AIRE next tome she comes down to London – it looks so relaxing and is something a little bit different:

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Love the idea of a craft workshop! I really want to try one of the Daisy Lily beading events - they’ve done beading and yoga events in the past too Beading & Boozing Tickets — Daisy Lily

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There is a great place in Victoria to do a pottery class - its so therapeutic and really satisfying! There is also a great restaurant around the corner called Wild by Tart London for the all important (life) debrief that has delicious food and a great vibe.

Pottery painting is such a nice wholesome thing to do with friends at the weekend! They have a few of them around London highly recommend! x

I happened to walk past Studio Pottery London in Eccleston Yards last night and thought this would be a fun activity for girlfriends: Contact – Studio Pottery London. The people in there looked like they were having such a laugh!