Adidas black trainers, which ones?

I really want a pair of Adidas black trainers but can’t decide between Samba OG, Gazelle or Spezial? Which ones should I go for? :grimacing:

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If you’re going for black, I would definitely go for the Sambas! They’re the perfect shoe for any wardrobe and you will absolutely get your cost per wear…±+UK±+Sub+Branded+and+Branded±+B±++Long+Term±+Best+Performing±+ROI--Long+Term-_-PRODUCT_GROUP&cm_mmca1=UK&cm_mmca2=&71700000100690412&ds_agid=58700008067512456&af_reengagement_window=30d&is_retargeting=true&pid=googleadwords_temp&c=GS±+UK±+Sub+Branded+and+Branded±+B±++Long+Term±+Best+Performing±+ROI&af_channel=Shopping_Search&gclid=CjwKCAjwov6hBhBsEiwAvrvN6JbinFab-pnFnSV8GZniCN5w0LsCvo83lSHADA6SqDJ219G38yGtvBoCCooQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds

I’ve just bought the sambas and LOVE them

I love all three and have the sambaas in a cream but if you’re going for black - I think the gazelles are so much easier to style because of the white sole. These are the ones I have and I personalised mine with my initials too which is such a fun (*extra) touch!

I live in my Gazelles!! Would 100% recommend. But make sure you spray the suede!

I recently bought gazelles for this exact reason! I think they’ll be easy to style with the white sole

Amazing, thank you all so much!!!