All Occasions Black Belt

I have been looking to purchase a black belt with gold hardware for far far too long.

TLDR: Is there a belt that is significantly cheaper than the Celine one (max £200) that looks as nice, or should I just buy the Celine triomphe belt and be done with it?!

I love the Celine triomphe belt so much but worry that it will date as it has been such a popular piece and has been for some time.

My main trouble is there just isn’t anything else quite like it! I love the gold triomphe logo on the front. And whilst I could go for say a Loewe logo one I might as well just buy the Celine one if there’s £100 difference?! If I’m going for something different it might as well be a good cost saving as well.

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I found this belt the other day and think because its braided is slightly softer so would be a nice option for summer!

Hi I’ve been looking for a similar style belt too, have a look at a few of these:

I have this one from Dehanche and it’s an absolute fave…

I know this is a bit over budget but I have this and its so useful and not too logo’y… x