Amsterdam NYE recommendations

We are going to Amsterdam for NYE as a group of 6 couples. Did anyone have any restaurant, bar club recommendations? We’re all in our early 30s and enjoy somewhere lively/trendy/party

I’d have a look through Eventbrite to see what’s going on near where you’re staying. Otherwise, Q-factory is a cool warehouse for gigs and events - great for NYE this year if you want a rave with DJs and MCs.

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I would look here: Oudejaarsavond in Amsterdam - Winter Festival Amsterdam although I may have pulled up the Dutch version but I am sure there is a translated version. Old and New (as we call NYE in Dutch well in Dutch it is Oud en Nieuw) in Holland is about cosy nights with friends and than fireworks (we arent ‘allowed’ to do them privately any more but some ‘rebels’ still do), when you go outside on the streets and you must congratulate everyone you see with Happy New Year. If you are around at this time of the year I would definitely recommend a canal boat cruise for the festival of lights - cheesy I know but so pretty. And if you really want to be Dutch (after all it ain’t much if it ain’t Dutch) there is the traditional New Years dip in Schveningen (Den Haag) for the brave. You will have a fab time - and do bundle up … it can be a bit nippy!


Bambino, Pilsvogel, Lolo and Louie Louie are all lovely restaurants!

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