Anxiety when I get dressed!

Has anyone got any advice for someone who is a total perfectionist and really stresses when I have to get ready (for anything!). I find the process really hard, and I want to edit my wardrobe down so I’m not so overwhelmed and self critical!

If anyone has any amazing influencers to follow who have timeless style/tips, or just advice in general I would be SO grateful! I love clothes, I just don’t enjoy the process of getting ready anymore and its stealing my joy on a night/day out.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I would remove everything from your wardrobe & storage. It may feel a bit overwhelming at first, but it means you can actually see everything and properly analyse what you do and don’t wear. There’s a few ways to do it but I would pull out outfits that are your go to followed by pieces that work well with those particular outfits, you’ll quickly be able to see your go to styles. Also, basics are so important and can often be what’s missing. If there’s some items you are unsure of, pop them in a bag and see if you reach for them - if not, get rid!

Try not to follow trends and go for more items that work with your shape, suit your style and make you feel confident. It should be fun getting dressed and not a chore! You can always pull in a friend to help - it makes it more fun and sometimes a second opinion helps x


Get rid of anything that doesn’t spark some kind of joy! I used to keep things ‘just in case’ but I never really wanted to wear them so they took up space and made it more difficult to plan outfits. I like Jess’ suggestion of putting them to the side for a while and seeing if you reach for them.

For inspo I find Pinterest the best tool. I create a board every season and save anything I’m drawn to. You’ll quickly see the styles/colours etc you’re repeatedly pinning which is a great way to look at what you might want to add to your wardrobe, as well as what you like that you already own. I also refer to it if I’m struggling to decide what to wear. If there’s a look I love I’ll see if there’s a way I can recreate my own version from what I have already.

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I would set aside an afternoon where you can try on everything in your wardrobe. Shop it like it’s a shop - and when you find an outfit you like and feel good in, take a photo and make a folder on your phone so you can revert back in those panic moments.
I’ve also always had a three word rule: come up with three words that you want to convey everytime you leave the house. Do you want to look polished, chic and cool? Or grungy, edgy and fashion-forward? Whatever the combination, come up with the words, write them on a post-it and stick it on your mirror, and that way you have a framework for every look.


Thank you :slight_smile: I’m lacking in “fillers” or basics for sure!

Thanks Charlotte - thats great advice. I’ll definitely take note of this!

Thank you very much. Pinterest is a fab suggestion!

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Try and plan your outfits the week before / sunday before the start of the week so you dont always end up reaching for the same 20% when you have 10 minutes to get dressed before work / going out. Nothing like a bit of advanced planning to focus the mind on building more interesting combinations (inspired by other outfits / looks you admire from places like SL / influencers) via your existing wardrobe! gx