At Home Gel Mani

I’m keen to invest in an at home gel manicure set for the first time. I’ve read good reviews for 14 Day Mani and I like that this one cures fast - and the UV exposure is minimal. But, there’s also Mylee and other brands that I’ve seen. I’m undecided!!

Which brand do you recommend? And what are your favourite gel shades in that brand?

Thanks in advance!

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I definitely recommend 14 Day Mani, they are so good! Also the brand Manucurist is great and worth having a look at - it’s easy to use and the polishes have nice, nourishing ingredients.

Love this colour: Baby Pink – Pastel Pink Gel Nail Polish – 14 Day Manicure - UK

And for Manucurist Pinkish beige LED nail polish - The alternative to gel nail polish – Manucurist UK - I am a bit boring and love a neutral, clean nail


I really rate Le Mini Macaron. Got their mini lamp during lockdown and love using it. The lamp itself is available in small size which is great for travelling but also in regular. The colour range is also really wide so you’ll definitely find something you’ll like! My personal favourites are Creme Brûlée and Fleur Bleue

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I really rate the gel polishes from OPI - a personal favourite colour is “Lisbon Wants More”

I use a LED lamp from Mylee which has lasted me years and still going strong - haven’t tried any of their polishes though!

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I have the 14 day mani kit and it is excellent!

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I second Georgina and Becky, I have the 14 day mani kit and my nails last for so long and keep their shine!
Couldn’t recommend it more!

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