Audiobook Recommendations

Looking for some new audiobooks to listen to while I’m working and commuting.

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Maybe not one for working alongside (I’d be too distracted by the stories and gossip!), but Elton John narrates his own memoir, Me. Very funny!

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Ooooh that would be a great one for commuting! Thank you!!

I’ve been listening to Pamela Anderson’s new memoir on Audible which is really interesting. I’ve also just started
The Writing Retreat by Julia Bartz which is a thriller about a group of writers who head on a retreat. Then it all goes wrong…


have you listened to If in Doubt, Wash Your Hair? Anya Hindmarch narrates it herself which made me enjoy it even more. The same with The Glossy Years by Nicholas Coleridge. Loved them both!

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I’ll have to add both of those onto my list! Thank you!!

I haven’t listened to either of those yet, I’ll definitely add them to my list, thank you!!