Baby shower - to do or not to do? Thoughts please!

I’m six months pregnant and debating whether or not to have a baby shower. It would be great to get people’s thoughts on this based on their experiences. Is it a bit naff and are we all over it?? I always think it’s nice to get friends and family together, whatever the occasion. We have waited a long time for this baby so part of me wants to arrange something to mark the occasion, but then I won’t be upset at all if we don’t bother. If I do arrange something, I’d like to involve my husband (it’s a team effort after all!) and do a modern twist on a traditional baby shower (without the rubbish games we’ve all seen before). Perhaps a baby bbq, garden party or drinks. I don’t want to spend too much money (saving for maternity leave) but I am an all or nothing kind of girl!

I would love to hear other’s thoughts, ideas and experiences whether you are a parent, parent to be or have been a guest at a baby shower


Congratulations! I’d say this is a really personal decision. I was a bit anxious to make a big deal before the baby had arrived safely so we just arranged a lunch a couple of weeks before and it just so happened that a few people brought a few baby bits. We did the same for a friend recently. Had a lunch booked in at the weekend and then we created a basket of goodies for the hospital bag so it was less about the baby and more about her. It’s just a nice excuse to get a few people together whether it’s officially a baby shower or not :slight_smile:

I’m not into baby showers, or the games! But it is really nice to meet up with friends/family and have a nice get together before the baby arrives. I felt like this for my hen do too, no games/tat, just a nice meal and catch up!

As Laura says, it’s such a personal decision, but if you have friends and family who want to celebrate the pregnancy with you, then I think a gathering sounds lovely. You can skip all the naff elements and just enjoy some time together before the baby comes and you find yourself off the social scene for a while!

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Hi all, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’m leaning towards organising something informal to celebrate the occasion, without the need for the games and sashes!

Perhaps rather than it being a baby shower, you could arrange (or ask someone to arrange for you!) a friends and family afternoon? My friend also doesn’t want to make a big fuss so I suggested afternoon tea, or a get together with all her favourite things, rather than putting a label on it. I think it becomes unnecessary sometimes, but each to their own! X

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Congratulations!! I have not personally had a child yet but my twin sister is currently in her due date week and I threw her a low key baby shower. She is someone that doesn’t get a lot of fussed made about her or treat herself regularly so I felt it was really important that she got to enjoy and celebrate such a special time. I love the idea of a baby shower with other halves too. We didn’t really play lots and lots of games just spent time together discussing Sophie and - we did do a little Mum/Dad version of mr and mrs and guess some baby photos of all of us which was quite funny. She also ended up with lots of lovely things for the baby and herself that she wouldn’t have bought so that was a real treat too. I’m for any excuse to get together!

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That sounds so lovely for your sister, Mia