Bag for Rio

I’m going to Rio in October and need advice on a bag to wear there that will be very secure, not too flashy, but still fashionable. Thoughts?

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Are you looking for a large tote style or smaller, like a cross body/ shoulder bag?

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Tbh probably both! I tend to carry small bags personally but traveling with a three yr old which inevitably means carrying random bits and bobs.

Might be an obvious answer but THE Uniqlo bag could be a good option?

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I really love this one. Zips and tucks under your arm.

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I saw a super cool lady with a raffia belt bag last week. I can’t find the exact one but Etsy have a few alternatives

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I love a bum bag and reckon you can’t go wrong with a nice leather one

Coach Bethany Belt Bag

Longchamp Le Foulonné Leather Belt Bag

Oliver Bonas Mono Stripe

For colour options:

Elie Beaumont Sling bag

Lululemon do a really nice casual one which comes in a 1l and 2.5l size

You could also go with a belt bag which could easily double as a clutch or pouch- depending on the style you go for you can remove the belt on some of them

The style choice is endless but all are very practical and can be worn securely at your waist, crossbody or over your shoulder and look very stylish without being too flashy… plus they keep your hands free!
Happy travels :luggage:

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When i went to Rio I just used an unmarked tote bag with another bag inside to doubly secure my possessions. Did the same in Mexico City - easy fix which means you don’t have to buy something new just for one trip!

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Thank you so much everyone! Super useful comments :two_hearts: