Basic skin care routine

Hi all, I am looking for help/advice on what to do with my skin care.
I’ve always found that when I use toners, moistures etc this brought out multiple spots even after weeks of use, therefore my currently skin care routine (definitely isn’t the best) is just water and a face cloth. I do realise this is most probably not the best for my skin.
Any advice on how to get into skin care and what brands are recommended would be a help.

If you have fairly sensitive skin like I do, I’d recommend the following:
(I am no expert but I find anything too perfumed or full of hardcore ingredients sets my skin off straight away. I was told to avoid Drunk Elephant for example as it’s too harsh!) - really good price point and amazing for sensitive skin. - same again!

In the past I have often used Elemis, they are really good at advising on what is best. If you pop in store they can also scan your face and tailor the skincare to you. - more of a splurge but I really rate her skincare!

111Skin and MZ Skin do really good face and eye masks which have amazing reviews x

I really love Paula’s Choice - everything is fragrance-free which is great for sensitive skin. And there is a quiz on the website so you can determine which products and regime will best for you.

A good routine really only needs a gentle cleanser, a serum for your specific skin concern - be it breakouts, dullness etc - and a good moisturiser and SPF. We wrote a feature where dermatologists and experts shared how your routine should look by age here:

Hopefully this is helpful! If in doubt though, keep it simple and only ever use what your skin responds well too. Toners aren’t essential and often are best left to those with oily/combination skin. As for brands, I love The Inkey List for something affordable, SkinCeuticals for speedy results and CeraVe x

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