Best Affordable Gins

Hi all! I am looking for some good affordable gins - any recommendations welcome as I don’t drink it, but know its popular. Hosting a few Christmas gatherings for first time this December and a lot of gin drinkers, but it can add up. Any good ones at Aldi or similar?

There are usually pretty good offers on 1L bottles in large supermarkets. You can’t really go wrong with Bombay Sapphire / Tanquerey. I find that the Lidl/Aldi versions are similar prices as branded options for 70cl x

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Aldi ALWAYS wins awards for its gins! I think both of these would be really nice at Christmas…'s-premium-solar-gin/p/713020493973600

I love Roku gin, and it looks like it’s currently on offer at Ocado:


Agreed! Definitely Aldi which currently has a great Bombay Sapphire dupe!

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This one from Lidl is nice Hortus Artisan London Dry Gin -

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As a big gin drinker, I am not keen on the flavoured gins. Don’t be tempted to go with any pink gins etc, stick to something simple. I agree with the poster above, Bombay Sapphire is fine and usually on an offer around Christmas. I also really like Ophir, it has a slight hint or orange and spice which is lovely. Also, don’t scrimp on tonic. No point buying reasonable gin and mixing it with cheap tonic. I still prefer Schweppes as it’s fizzier than Fever Tree. A few nice garnishes is a great way to add a bit of flavour to a simple gin - pink grapefruit, orange and lime slices.

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And for the drivers / slimmers, how about an alcohol-free gin?
I have tried a few and keep going back to the Gordons 0%.
With ice and a slice and zero added sugar tonic water, it tastes like the real thing, but with none of the calories or risk to the driving licence.

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When I interviewed a gin expert he said Beefeater might not look the best branding wise but it is the most reasonable in most bars / shops and the best for the money!