Best Beauty Box Subscription?


I wanted to try a beauty box subscription but didn’t know which ones to try… I love Space NK, so can anyone recommend ones that do similar brands and are actually worth it?

Also, is the Liberty beauty box worth trying?

Many thanks,
K x



I’m subscribed to the Liberty Beauty Drop and it’s fab - the boxes are sent quarterly and are generally good products and/or brands you might not have tried before.

The only downfall for me is that, if you won’t be travelling to the store, you might find items are out of stock online but you’re tied to Liberty if you have an account balance. Slightly frustrating if you’ve saved up for something specific.

I’ve also had a Glossybox subscription but cancelled as soon as I was able - wouldn’t recommend them as they didn’t have that luxury feel and I wasn’t finding them good value at all.

Maybe try Mintd box - they are more expensive but have good quality brands in full sizes.

Hope you find something, Amy x

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Thanks for the tips! I’ll look into the Liberty one definitely… :smiling_face:

The Liberty box is so worth trying! It comes with some really great benefits too! Less of a box, but the beauty pie subscription is so worth it too - the products are amazing and allow you to try a variety of things. Plus you can opt out whenever you want

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I agree, the Liberty one is really nice for something a little varied and a bit more luxe too. such a nice treat!

I’ve also heard that Skin+Me do one (although this is skincare only) but its quite reasonably priced and is super tailored to your needs and skin.


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Thanks will give Liberty a try

Look at latest in beauty to ! X