Best hyaluronic acid serum/creams

Can anyone recommend a really good hyaluronic acid serum/cream that plumps skin nicely?

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There’s so many good ones I don’t know where to start! I’ve listed a few of my favourites below - each one gives quick hydration and a good glow:

Vichy is probably my favourite! But any of the above are fab and great for all skin types x

Thank you Rebecca, I’ve had the Vichy one in my basket for a while now ! Do you think I use any specific moisturiser afterwards to maximise the affect or will any do? Thanks so much! Amanda xx

I think any cream on top will do - serums are the most effective way to deliver ingredients as they’re so thin, but you can sandwich in the effects with any good cream on top :slight_smile:
That said, I do love a gel-based cream as these naturally hydrate further as are often water-based x

Are there any gel moisturisers you can recommend, morning and night. Thanks so much xx

the vichy one ^ is really good and light weight so works really well under makeup. La Roche Posay also do one that is heavier - but perfect for winter or drier skin.

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I love both of these:


I’ve been loving that Innisfree one!

Thanks so much x