Birthday gift ideas - Mother edition

I am looking for some gift ideas for my mom for her birthday from the family. Budget max 500

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What are her interests? Would you like an experience? or something more sentimental to keep?

I’d say take her somewhere nice or get say spa treatments and have a fabulous special dinner or afternoon tea. My friend took her mum to claridges for that and loved it. I love experiences as so much fun and memories created

Agree with experiences as the best for people of certain age who tend to have what they need and want. Especially if it’s with you all as a family. Theatre and dinner or lunch? Depending your family interest and ages… wicked, witness for the prosecution, mouse trap… some universally appropriate ones and located in areas good for eating /drinks / east to get to.
Spas days or stays also good for mums. SL today had good ideas one hour from London.
Cooking classes? Art classes? What are her interests, are you London area or elsewhere?