Bobbi Brown Vit E face creamer

Hi there, I’ve long heard rave reviews of this product. Thinking of buying and it’s on offer in Boots. Can it be in place of a moisturizer with hyl. Acid in? Or would you need both? I also use a medik8 vit c serum for context.

Many thanks!!!


Love the Vitamin E Face Base!! If you’re using a serum as well, I would say you may find the face base moisturising enough on top. It is quite balm-y in consistency, so some people find they need a little more moisture, but those using a few steps will find it enough.

It feels amazing and has a sheer, putty dry down that gives good glow but also preps your complexion nicely for make-up! Well worth trying if on offer x

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Thank you so much for your help, so if I’m using medik8 c tetra for serum first then Bobbi for moisturizer, don’t need something else for hylouronic acid etc?

Sorry for the questions! Skin care so confusing now!