Bruges Christmas trip

Hi all, I’m off on a mini-moon to Bruges in December, and it also happens to be my then-husband’s 30th birthday - I’ve booked most of our dinners already but wondering if anyone has any recommendations for things to do/bars/food? Thanks!

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Hi, Bruges is such a pretty place to just wonder and get lost in but I’d recommend a beer tour, renting bicycles or doing a river cruise. We went in the summer but I’m sure you’ll have plenty of Christmas markets to enjoy at that time of year, including lots of Belgian chocolate and waffles to indulge in.

We wrote up our day in Bruges if you fancy having a read of our recs:

Enjoy (and congrats)!!

Great place for a city break!

I haven’t been for a few years, but there is a restaurant called Cafedraal which was great back then and still gets good reviews now.

We stayed in the Hotel Duke’s Palace (Kempinski) - the food wasn’t anything special but I would recommend stopping for a drink in the bar, as the building is just so beautiful - and romantic for your occasion! :heart:

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This is perfect, thanks!

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Brilliant, will add to the list!