Business inspiration

Congratulations on SheerLuxe. The way you have carved out a niche & created something different inspires me!

What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced with growing the business?

Finance? Staff?

And how have you overcome the challenges?

In terms of finance, we have raised a relatively small amount of money. We raised our second part of money just before the financial crash and as a result we realised that raising any more money would be quite difficult, so we decided that we would work really hard to stand on our own two feet. It’s very easy to spend money when you have it, and today we still consider every penny we spend as a business… where we spend it and how we spend it. That start-up mentality never really changes. In terms of staff, I genuinely genuinely feel so fortunate to go to work with such brilliant women (and a few men!) and such a brilliant team everyday. It makes the challenge of being an employer worthwhile. It can be hard at times striking a balance between hard work, growth, culture etc but I like to think that we’ve struck a good balance that works as a business and for the team.
The other challenge is digital… the speed of digital and the speed to innovate. It’s a brilliant world but you can’t take your eye off the ball for a second! gx

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