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I am looking to change careers after a successful but stressful time in HR/ recruitment. After taking a break post-pandemic I have hopelessly tried to re-enter the world of work in the same sphere as before. However, whilst from a financial standpoint I recognise I need to return to work, I am becoming more and more sure I have had enough of the corporate world and want to pursue something else which aligns to my passions (not HR or recruiting!). I absolutely love yoga as well as cooking and fashion. I am interested in helping others whilst tuning into my creative side. In the run up to my 60s I want to change career paths but have absolutely no idea (or necessarily the courage) to do so. I would be so grateful to hear from other women who have experienced anything similar or whether anyone has any tips or advice for how to navigate this! Thank you


Hi there!!

I know how you feel! It’s really all consuming when you’re stuck in a career dilemma like that. I know in my case it really consumed me when I knew the area I was in wasn’t right for me any more.
If you have even an inkling of what you would like to do, or think you would like to do, my suggestion is to immerse yourself in it in the first instance. Secondly, have a look on job or volunteering boards and see if there are any entry level or voluntary positions you could take up to at least get some experience to get you going in that direction.
If finances are a worry- why not even take a part time position in Hr or recruitment to ease the financial pressure and use the rest of the time doing a yoga teacher training, assisting with styling in a local boutique, attending a cookery course.
Having made a career change post covid (and being somewhat risk averse) I can honestly say I have never looked back since doing so. Trust yourself and your instincts and you won’t go wrong!!
Hope that helps!

Hi there Issy

I gave up work back in 2010 working for the Local Government doing admin and have seen my darling 14 year old grow up!

I started volunteering back in 2012 when she started nursery. I quit working at the shop in July last year and decided to try and apply at other various shops in September but they’re all saying they’ve got a waiting list.

Depending on where you live, I found work at the weekends as a warehouse operative at our local Ocado. Are you fit and can you deal with the steps? I turned 56 last year and I’m having the time of my life working my butt off plus picking up the bargains from the shop.

Hi there Issy - yes burnout and lockdowns during this time and time for the world to ‘get back, evolve and renew itself’ has been touchpoints for many of us. Research the market and see what is in demand and what you can offer which is different or better than what is around - go speak to gyms and see they need. Maybe having Pilates, yoga and certified training certificates in all is the first step in turning your passions into a new path.

Hi there. I work in the college sector and part of our job is to help people change careers hy providing suitable and relevant courses. These can be done both full time and part time to suit needs. You could also try some evening courses to see what area you are most interested in as well. By doing this first you can test the water before maybe undertaking a full time course. Volunteering is also a great way to try new careers out while building experience.

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Hi Issy,

Apart from the working in HR/recruitment( I work for the NHS clinical) I could have wrote this myself. I have Just signed myself on the CNM accredited Health coach course ( there are simular courses too) . I work shifts, so will be able to do this along side studying. Its worth having a look in case this is something that may interest you. I am in my late 50s too and I have seen a trend of our age group wanting to change careers, especially as we are becoming more health conscious and having a longer working age in front of us. Good luck, with your search.