Career Tips

Any Tips for women starting their career in their early twenties? Especially regarding digitalization, entrepreneurship, and fashion.

Its inspirational to see how Georgie has built her brand and is still loving her job after over 15 years of Sheerluxe!

I’m sure she has great mentorship advice for all the young women in her team - I would love to hear her thoughts!

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Try and pick something that you’re genuinely fascinated in. Do work experience… Try different things. Work out what you want from a career, be that to climb a ladder, work in a corporate environment, do something creative… Where do you see yourself in 20 years? You might not know the answer to that, but if you do, great. If your plan is to go freelance or start your own business, the sooner you get started the better. I started SL at the age of 26 and had my first child at 31, that gave me 5 years to get my head down and knuckle down. A lot of women don’t do this until they’ve had their first child which can be a lot harder. I’d say surround yourself with brilliant people, network, work out which friends have the same vision as you. Think about your personal brand. I really believe that if you want it there are great things out there for women but it’s down to you to make it happen. gx

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