Champagne Travel Tips

Hi there community! Hope you can help… I’m going to the Champagne region in France on Thursday for four days. Any tips on where to eat/drink in Reims and Epernay, or nearby? I’m booking some tasting experiences but any tips for things to do would be fabulous. Thanks so much x

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Le Bocal in Reims is meant to be really nice for dinner:

Friends and I went in May last year and had the most gorgeous time. We preferred staying in Epernay to Reims and Reims is a short train journey away. Perrier Jouet outdoor garden is absolutely gorgeous for drinks and nibbles, we also had the most divine meal at Le Grand Cerf (a taxi ride but worth it!). In Epernay we visited La Grillade Gourmande which was lovely, but honestly the best thing we did was hire bikes from Epernay and take a bike ride to Hautvillers where there are lots of small independent champagne houses. We packed a picnic and if you head up the hill past the Abbey where Dom Perignon is buried there’s the most wonderful view down across the vines. Visit Cave et Jardin while you’re in Hautvillers where the very friendly JP will let you taste champagne and buy a bottle to enjoy with your picnic as well as peruse his excellent selection of antiques and vintage handbags!

go to claude carre and buy a few bottles of his delicious champagne. you sit in his sitting room to taste and it’s really NOTHING like go to a champagne house but if you want to buy a few bottles of something delicious and really reasonable then he is the man. his grapes are some of the best and advises some of the big houses. he doesnt spk much english FYI!

Thank you all for the great tips.
@heathersteele Le Bocal was on my list so good to have the endorsement!
@georgiecoleridgecole is Claude Carre in Reims? I’m trying to look him up as this sounds just my thing!
Many thanks all and have a happy Friday x

Looks like Claude C is at his house? Perhaps the Assume we’ll need to contact before to arrange. Thanks again xxx

yes his house is also where his cave is. you dont need to book an appointment but i’d call and check hours. we went on a sunday morning gx