Christmas lunch recommendations

I’m spending Christmas in London for the first time, which will just be my mum and I. Instead of cooking, I was thinking of booking somewhere for lunch. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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Kettner’s in soho is a good shout. Or if you feel like a pub lunch, I’d recommend venturing up to Hampstead and eating at either the Holly Bush, Wells Tavern, Spaniards Inn and then pairing with a lovely walk on the heath!

Thanks for this, I’ll take a look and long walk in the heath sounds a good option post lunch!

Story Cellar in Mayfair would be amazing for a really special lunch, otherwise Brown’s Hotel is one the best hotels in the capital at Christmas time! Lots going on over the festive period and delicious food on Xmas day!

Sadly they both don’t have Christmas Day bookings but festive drinks at a nice hotel could be a good shout. Thanks for the ideas Sherri!

The Broadcaster in White City and The Arber Garden in Fitzrovia are both nice :ok_hand: