Chunky loafers?

Looking for some chunky loafers
Either in black or silver, but maybe I need both :grimacing:
Ideally under £200 xx


Hi there we recently ran this article which is good for ideas -

I think the best silver chunky loafers out there are reformation but they are over budget…

Dune are a better price point and have three options depending on how chunky you want to go!

I spotted these silver ones on Zara, very similar to the Prada

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You can’t go wrong with classic chunky black loafers! I love these ones


I love these Mango chunky black loafers

I just bought a pair from H&M for £27.99 and they are so comfortable. I wore them twice in a row going up to London and back and they did not hurt at all. Highly recommend.

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After a lot of research, I bought a great pair from Clarks last year. I know it’s not the obvious choice but if you have one local have a look.

I got one of these loafers last season and quite liked them! Some cool color choices. I also really like loafers from Zara and mangom COS as well, affordable!