Cocktail Dress for Curvy Girl

Hi There :wave:

I’m on the hunt for a cocktail dress for a smart-ish party. My problem is I’m an eight on the top and a ten on the bottom. So anything too clingy/tight wouldn’t work. Any suggestions?

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What’s your budget? I am similar in terms of sizing! I really have my eye on this and am waiting for it to come back in:

I feel dressed up this would be so nice for a cocktail party

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This is a lovely floaty summer dress which still feel like you could dress it up or down?

It’s worth looking for an a-line shape and Warehouse has lots of lovely options.

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Love this, and the color is gorgeous too! Thanks I hope they restock!

Great tip on Warehouse, thank you! I just ordered this self portrait dress after reading through a similar thread on here. It may be a tad short for my legs, but going to give it a go! :crossed_fingers:

This is cute! Im looking for something a bit more formal (read structured) but I think this could be good to have for other summer events :heart:

Love the self portrait dress you’ve ordered!

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Me too! Unfortunately it’s too short on me. Back to the drawing board! Sharing a picture incase it works for anyone else - also it’s on sale at the moment.