Croatia Recommendations

Hey! I am going to Croatia with my dad in a few weeks. We are staying near Dubrovnik. Neither of us have been to Croatia so we are really looking forward to it. Does anyone have any recommendations on food/activities/museums etc? Thanks x


Ah I love Croatia! Get a speed boat to the restaurant Bowa. Restaurant Ezza has a great view if you dine on the terrace

Go to Marco Polo for dinner, one of the most delicious meals I’ve had! For the architecture and history definitely visit the Franciscan and Dominican monasteries as well Sponza Palace. One thing we didn’t do was a boat trip and felt like we missed out so deffo look into that. My tip would be do the sights/old town in the morning before it’s get too hot and busy. x

Definitely go to Mjlet, it’s a beautiful little island that feels more untouched than some of the bigger ones (hvar). The whole island is basically a national park you can bike around-- great swimming, super easy to get around and very unique and different to the rest of the Croatian islands. You can also take a ferry from Mjlet to Dubrovnik so super easy!

For Dubrovnik there’s this little place that does octopus burgers called Barba— sounds weird but worth a try if you’re feeling adventurous!