Daily news email recommendations

I really miss the brief news email. Can any one please recommend a daily news round up email that is similar please. The ones I’ve tried so far aren’t as balanced and informative as the Brief was. Thanks

It was a hard decision to retire The Brief but since then we have been getting our daily news from The Knowledge

Off For Lunch is another good free newsletter, quite business focused but v interesting & with a newly launched great podcast series https://offtolunch.substack.com/

BBC News Daily https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsletters/newsdaily/zhp28xs aims to be balanced & is easy to digest.

Do you listen to podcasts? There are also lots of good 5 minute daily news roundup podcasts

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Brilliant, thank you. I am sure it was a hard decision to stop doing it. You could tell a lot of time and effort was put in to it to make it informative. It was appreciated :heart:

I used to love the Skimm although it’s US-based. I am now obsessed with the News Agents podcast with Emily Maitlis, v informative and easy to digest.x

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Yes, love The News Agents too!