Day 2

Today’s 20-minute workout uses a looped resistance band to
activate and tone the lower body, leaving you feeling strong and ready for the
day ahead. We’re huge fans of a resistance band – they’re the perfect way to
incorporate strength training into your routine, and studies show muscles respond
to bands just as well as they do with dumbbells. How did you find today’s
workout? Let us know in the comments below…

We’d also love to know what Fluidform cleanse recipes you’re
enjoying – we can’t get enough of the AM Smoothie, a creamy blend of frozen
banana, avocado, almond butter, chia seeds, matcha powder and almond milk.

Remember Fluidform founder Kirsten is on hand for any
questions you have, whether they’re fitness, nutrition or lifestyle related.
Post your questions for Kirsten here and she’ll get back to you.

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I already make this smoothie every morning – it’s so good!


It’s so delicious Heather, I’m obsessed, and it couldn’t be more perfect for this weather. I plan to make the Purple Power Cleansing Smoothie tomorrow too x


I made the salmon with fennel, apple and mint salad last night. It was beautiful and the perfect light but satisfying meal in this weather.

Hi Heather, where are these recipes?

The fennel and mint salad is my favourite!! So refreshing. Kee x

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You’ll find them on the Fluidform dashboard once you’re logged in, under Nutrition x