Designer bags V mid price bags

Hi all. Looking for opinions/advice. I currently have a YSL Kate bag, I am really tempted to sell it and get a couple of polene bags (or bags at a mid range). I don’t know if the big designer labels on bags are abit out of fashion and maybe quiet luxury is more in. I am just worried I’ll majorly regret it!!

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How often do you wear the Saint Laurent bag at the moment?
If you are worried you are going to regret it I am not sure it is a wise idea, when it comes to fashion purchases I have to personally be 100% sure on my decision. I wouldn’t take trends/ quiet luxury into account, it’s about owning pieces you love and will get the most wear out of!

If you are thinking of buying something a bit more under the radar then Bougessa and Demellier are great brands to check out. I’d be scared to part with something I saved and invested in like a bag also! hard decision!

I agree with Florence, I wouldn’t take trends into account if you still love and get a lot of use out of the bag!

However, i’m a big advocate for selling designer bags if they aren’t getting much use. In my opinion it’s a waste of money if a bag is sat at the bottom of your wardrobe not getting any use! As the retail price of designer bags are always going up in price you may even be able to sell the bag for more than you bought it for (this has happened to me a few times!). Usually i’ll reinvest this money into a new designer bag that i know i’ll get more use out of or as you said you could get a few lower price point bags.

Staud and By Far have some really lovely bags that are at a slightly lower price point if this is the direction you’re thinking!