Dinner Party Canapé

Does anyone have any ideas they really recommend?

Here some of my favorites:

  • Bread, salmon and a slice of lemon (you can also add cream cheese)
  • Bread, butter and caviar
  • Bread, gorgonzola and figs
  • Bread, any yellow cheese, honey and walnuts…

Shop bought puff pastry is your friend! Can be rolled with different fillings for pinwheels or use to make vol-au-vents etc or mini tarts e.g. fig & goat’s cheese

https://www.waitrose.com/ecom/products/rahms-24-mini-croustades/002304-724-725 - these are a canapé cheat code! fill with mango chutney & chicken tikka or pea & mint… anything you fancy!

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If you’re guests eat fish then these prawns are delish!

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I will be trying these this party season!

We’ve got some really fun ideas here – I love the look of the firecracker prawns!


One of my favourites on the site are these blackberry, brie and thyme mini filo tarts created by our cookery contributor Alexandra Dudley. I’ve tried them, and they’re really easy to make – and look really pretty piled onto a platter.

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Take a leaf of iceberg lettuce & fill with some crab meat, then top with a bit of red chilli, coriander & squeeze of lime - they’re not too filling and green & red, so they look christmassy too.


drizzle burrata with olive oil and salt and serve with chilli crostini. A crowd pleaser!


Love these


Aren’t these just the best! My absolute go-to for quick and easy canapés.

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my mums trick!

Thank you for all the recommendations.

Thought I’d share this as made these today & big hit


Caiger & Co. are fab, they catered for our Christmas party - delicious canapés. Would highly recommend! https://caigerandcocatering.co.uk/

I made these at the weekend and they were honestly incredible. I bought the tub of sunblush tomatoes and mini mozarella balls from the deli, added an olive, basil leaf and the oven cooked gnocchi - which turn into delicious mini roast potatoes! Roasted gnocchi, sundried tomato & olive stacks recipe | BBC Good Food