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We are hosting a Come Dine with Me competition next Saturday for 6 including ourselves and looking for some ideas for main course that will be easy to prepare before hand or during the night so that we are not away from our guests for long. Being judged on taste and presentation and seafood is a no no as our guests do not like it! Any ideas greatly welcomed! We are very novice chefs!

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I’ve been making LOADS from Jamie Oliver’s new One cookbook. There are loads of fun – and crucially, easy – feasting recipes. I’ve made the lamb and aubergine dish for guests four times and it’s always a hit. And only takes 45-minutes in the oven with no faff.

It’s this one: Gnarly dukkah roast lamb | Jamie Oliver recipes

Failing that, have a look at Alexandra Dudley’s dinner party recipe column she does for us. This is a good one if fish is off the menu:



That sounds so fun! I’ve made this creamy chicken and sage recipe a few times which is delicious! Good to serve with herby potatoes and buttered greens.

A dessert that looks impressive but is dead simple to make is a classic chocolate tart. Decadent and delish!

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Thank you so much for this. The lamb dish sounds amazing!

Thank you, this looks great and easy!

my mum makes an amazing chicken parmigiana thats super easy and always gets lots of comments :wink:
basically its chicken breast peices in a tomato and basil sauce topped with spinach and cheese then cooked. Let me know if you want the full recipe…happy to share!

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Please if you wouldn’t mind, its sounds delish!x

sure…heres the recipe, let me know if you get stuck!

also…please let me know how it goes…


I did home made chicken kievs the other day - big hit and very easy :slight_smile:

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