Dupe for Charlotte’s gorgeous Saint Laurent cream & black shoes

Hi there SL team & community, wonder if you’re roving eyes have seen a good close match at a more wallet friendly price point for the beautiful shoes Charlotte Colins was wearing on Friday…? The Saint Lauren ankle strap cream & black pointy heals. Seriously can’t stop thinking about them! Tragic I know! Xxx

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These don’t have the mega black top cap but they’re a great shape

How about these? Think these would be very versatile and a great price.

Thanks @emmabigger @LauraBlack both great ideas.
If only I could mix them together! Also loved the slightly vintage look to SL ones but beggars etc! I’ll definitely try both your spots & thanks so much for your help xxxxx

Hi! I saw this when you posted a while ago and have just seen these new in on asos. They immediately reminded me of charlottes shoes. Hope this helps. ASOS DESIGN Scandal toe cap slingback mid shoes in off white | ASOS