European city break for girlfriends

Hello! I’m looking for a European city break for a long weekend with my best friend probably in the autumn (October ish). Any unusual recommendations? We’d ideally like somewhere sunny (doesn’t need to be ‘hot’ but the sun would be nice), with lots to do and see in terms of culture/history, with some good bars and restaurants thrown in. Not asking for much!

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I think Portugal is perfect in the autumn! Lisbon has so much history and culture while also having the beach and fabulous food spots. I think it would be the perfect girls trip location!

Barcelona is definitely worth a visit! A lot of sightseeing, amazing food and fun night life - I went with some friends a few years ago and it was perfect for a city break

I loved Lisbon!
Nothing really beats Paris for me for a city break but if you want something a bit different Bilbao is great. It’s a really walkable city with a gorgeous old town and great food as well as cultural things to do, and there are beaches nearby if the weather is good enough. San Sebastian also in the Basque Country is SO pretty.

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Athens is on my list! Feels like it ticks all your boxes when it comes to sun, culture and history – and it’s got some fab bars (

I’ve got my eye on these hotels:

Agreeeeeeee on all of these x

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I think you can’t go wrong with Rome! I’ve been a couple of times now for weekend breaks and am always thinking about when I will go again. It is generally still sunny in October and certainly lots of culture and good food!

I’d go to Palma, Mallorca. Amazing choice of boutique hotels, beach in case it’s warm, and fab shopping!

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I agree Rome in October is a great shout. Lisbon is a personal favourite or you could look at Porto - high on my ‘To Visit’ list! I also rate Dubrovnik for this kind of trip and a good idea to go out of season x

Thank you all!! Some fabulous suggestions :heart:

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Did a great girls trip to Dubrovnik last summer. Lots to see in terms of history/touristy things. Lovely restaurants and bars. Was extremely hot in August so think the weather would be really pleasant in October

San Sebastian would be a great beach/historic trip for a long weekend! Lots to do and the food is fab!


I second Athens! My friends and I went for a weekend in November and it was amazing. Still very warm and it’s got an amazing up and coming restaurant and bar scene, and well as of course lots of culture!