Extra warm but fashionable winter coat

Hello! Looking for a VERY warm winter coat for Scotland. Lovely wool trench coats aren’t usually warm enough so thinking a puffer but struggle to find ones that look chic. Am 5’2 and looking to spend under £400.

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I have this in the colour ‘Ash’ and get so many compliments, also wind and rain proof but still feel very stylish when worn. Couldn’t recommend enough (a pic below of what it looks like on)

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Thank you! Hadn’t considered Rains!

Barbour do some great puffa jackets. For affordable look at Zara and Arket.
Holland and Cooper. If you live near Bicester I think they have an outlet.

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I think this Jigsaw coat looks soo warm!

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That is lovely :heart_eyes:

Yes Holland & Cooper were on top of my list!

I just bought this one from Zara and it’s new in! Affordable (£109), waterproof and warm🫶 I had this version from last year but sadly ruined it so had to get myself another for this year - I’m 5”3 and the length was perfect

Zara Long Puffer

I’ve been loving what Varley came out with this year. I’ve had my eye on this one: https://uk.varley.com/collections/puffer-jackets/products/canton-down-jacket?variant=40938894426227