Fake Tan Eraser

Can anyone recommend a fake tan remover that actually works? Haven’t found one yet that doesn’t require excessive scrubbing and then still leaves some behind!


I love my one from Bare by Vogue! I just leave it on for 15mins and it works like a dream!

Love the Bondi Sands tan eraser! Self Tan Eraser | Tan Remover | Bondi Sands UK

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Agreed I use the barebyvogue and then exfoliate it off with a mitt! x

I love this one too! Definitely works the best for me x

I second this! It’s SO good

I can vouch for the Rose and Caramel 60 second tan remover - leave on and it melts off easily with an exfoliating mitt!

3rd vote for this - definitely the best for quick removal!