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I saw Abbey Clancy in some Celine sunglasses on her podcast and loved them, but don’t really have the budget.
Does anyone know any brands that offer this style, at a much lower price point?

Thanks xx

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Jimmy Fairly
Ollie Quinn
Ace & Tate Women's Glasses - Prescription frames | Ace & Tate
All have good options!

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I have a pair from Taylor Morris, the majority of the styles from this brand are around the £150 price point, making them an affordable option. This style is quite similar to the Celine

I have a pair from Jimmy Fairly which I love - they’ve got a great selection which can be prescription or blue light.

Also if you’re after a pair of blue light ones simply more for the “fashion” of it (no judgement - because me too) there are some really reasonable ones on Amazon. I also used to have this pair from Revolve.

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