Fertility & Egg Freezing in your 30’s?

I’m in my early 30’s and I would love to become a mum, but my partner is very clear that he’s not ready yet (which is tough in its own way). I’m super mindful of the “ticking clock” and want to take some control and look at freezing my eggs but I have no idea where to is a reliable place to start.

Has anyone been though this? Any advice? What do I google? Who do I go see in London? At the moment it just paid ads with no info!


Hi Hannah, we wrote this feature which may be helpful : Egg Freezing: What You Need To Know | SheerLuxe

In terms of clinics, I have heard good things about Fertility Plus (on Harley Street) and also The Zita West Clinic.

Zita West has actually just launched a new fertility consultation service, which may be worth exploring also: Consultation – HUG Health

Good luck! x

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Hi Hannah,

I completely understand, I am also in my early 30s but do not want to have kids until 35+. However, I also didn’t want to find out there could be potential issues too late. It all seems ALOT and quite overwhelming. I started off with a Fit for Fertility Test, https://www.hcahealthcare.co.uk/our-services/tests/fit-for-fertility, at the Lister Hospital by Chelsea Bridge. This was amazing for giving me some peace of mind and information so I didn’t rush into any decisions along with being able to now make an informed choice.

If you are feeling overwhelmed this might be a good place to start. Good luck x