Fiancé 30th Birthday Ideas - UK in December

I’m looking for some ideas of how to celebrate and treat my fiance for his 30th birthday.
It’s in December (Boxing Day in fact!), so it can be a tricky time of year to organise things and not want it to feel too christmassy.

Going abroad is out of the question as our wedding and honeymoon is only a few months later, but I’d like to make it a special birthday and perhaps go away for a night or two in the UK. We live in the South West, so coming to stay in London could be an option as we don’t live there.

One thought I had was potentially booking a Michelin star restaurant, as this is something we’ve never done before, but has anyone done this and is it worth it? Any recommendations?

Any other ideas of what we could do that is special in the crimbo limbo time of year?

P.s. I don’t really want to plan a suprise party as another mutual friend is having one a few weeks before!

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A staycation sounds really nice! If you’re after London recs, The Ned is always a good option - some of the rooms aren’t too pricey and there are lots of restaurants to try. It’s also launched a jazz evening at weekends which could be a special treat - live music and champagne? Otherwise, The Pilgrim in Paddington is a good option, as is The Laslett in Notting Hill.

If you’re based in the SW have you been to Bruton before? It has some of the best restaurants in Somerset and you could spend a cosy day exploring the boutique shops and pubs? Osip is an amazing restaurant there with rooms.