Flip flops

Best poolside flip flops?

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simple pair of black Havainas or the lightweight Birkenstock arizonas are my faves year on year


Birkenstock Arizona’s over flipflops for me! They last a lifetime x

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I always think Havainas are best as they dry quick too when you’re by a pool/water. Love them x

you can get the birkenstock arizonas in rubber if you are looking for something waterproof https://www.birkenstock.com/gb/arizona-essentials/arizona-eva-eva-0-eva-u_3716.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwvJyjBhApEiwAWz2nLX8wqJT9qWrhCN4ZvuKr0Zd_jj_e2wXCsKpJZpW7mtAfYhzDYVlfoBoCf4EQAvD_BwE

So good for the beach x

I love TKEES! They’re SO comfortable

I just bought these ones from Arket which are a really nice shape! https://www.arket.com/en_gbp/women/shoes/product.sleepers-tapered-flip-flops-black.1164443001.html

Havaianas are still a winner for me!

Definitely on the expensive side but for an investment these ones from Anine Bing are a great shape and super comfy and padded.

Havaianas have a new version of their classic, it is more square