Following your dream …

Hi Tobi! How long did it take from concept to bring your idea to life with your book etc? Also how did you stay true to your vision and motivated during the tough times? Xx

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Really great question! I was approached to write the book, so in many ways I didn’t really have a concept but as I started planning the book it became clear that I wanted to share as much advice that I could about the journey of motherhood and work. Almost in the way that you would sit your best friend down and share all the tips and tricks to navigate it all as best as one could. So in many ways that vision kept me going, the vision of writing as if I was writing to a best friend or a loved one.

I wanted every single women who wanted to grow their career and their family to have all the information at their fingertips to make it as smooth as possible. My own journey has not been the easiest, despite lots of success along the way. I wanted to avoid any person either feeling alone or finding it all overwhelmingly difficult.