Foodie Voucher For Brother In Law's Birthday

I am on the hunt for a voucher for my brother in law for his birthday - he’s a real foodie. Any good recommendations? Can be food/cooking/alcohol related, budget £50.

Thanks so much x

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I was recently recommended courses! Not sure on the budgets but worth a look.

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Sous Chef has such an amazing selection of foodie gifts, from niche ingredients to cookware.

They also do hampers/ recipe boxes which includes a cookbook and a selection of ingredients.


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I’ve heard some great things about the Bread Ahead courses

especially the croissant one!

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I really love Souschef too, as they have everything from hard-to-buy ingredients to gadgets and kits.

I really like the cookbook bundles they do where you get a cookbook and some of the ingredients used a lot in the book, such as theses (which are all just under £50):


Maybe a subscription to an award winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil like Skapeti. Used by a lot of chefs including Claridges’s and sold in deli’s such as Panzer’s and directly online. Best gift for foodie!

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Yes, SUCH good gifts!

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