Formentera Island Restaurant recommendations

My girlfriend and I are travelling to Ibiza and Formentera for a girlie break at the beginning of September, and wondered if anyone has been and have any fab suggestions for where to go.
We have never been to Formentera before so totally naive :wink: any help and recommendations would be welcome :slight_smile: Thank you .

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Absolutely love Formentera here are some of my recommendations:

Chezz Gardi
Juan Y Andrea
The rooftop on top of the Teranka Hotel
The restaurant in The Gecko Beach Club

I hope that helps x


Thank you really helpful x

Beso Beach is meant to be fun! x

Thanks so much :slight_smile: x

Ah Formentera is the best, I would say if youโ€™re going on a boat trip, ask the team to book a lunch reservation for you so you have plenty of time on the boat and they know when and where to pick you up and drop you off. Iโ€™d also arrange transport to Ibiza Port ahead of time as taxis can be difficult to find and itโ€™s out of the way from other parts of the island!

Beso is the best! Try and get as late a booking as possible for lunch as the DJ gets going mid afternoon and usually everyone ends up dancing on tables but as Sherri says, make sure you have your return taxi to the ferry booked if you are not hiring a boat as its easy to get stuck there! x

Agreed, taxiโ€™s were a total nightmare. We were a group of 8 so was easier in terms of a larger vehicle and splitting the cost. I can pass on details of the company we used if itโ€™s helpful. The bill can soon rack up so be wary and as Sherri said, definitely book in advance or find someone to use constantly. There are quite a few Ibiza WhatsApp taxi groups that came in handy too for last min bookings x

Thank you all much appreciate your advice and helpful hints, we are staying on Formentera so hopefully getting to and from Besso will be a little easier, will definitely book here, thanks again xx

I just returned from Ibiza/Formentera and we had lunch at Juan y Andrea which was amazing. Our boat caption made the reservation for us which made it very easy as a water taxi was arranged with this. Iโ€™d definitely recommend! Have a great time!