Girls 40th break

I’m looking for suggestions for a friend’s 40th next Spring. Open to a European city break or something in the UK. A nice spa break could also be good. Probably a budget of up to £500 for the flights and accommodation. Ideally I’d like to fly from Glasgow and my friends from Bristol.

Where do you look for city break deals? I’m find it all a bit overwhelming - I’m open to dates and locations, would just like to get the best bang for buck.

I would always book flights and accommodation separately to save money, as deals can be much more expensive. Look at Google Flights or Skyscanner to find the most affordable flights on your date. Glasgow and Bristol Airport both go to Dubrovnik which is warm but not too hot in the spring. If you’re in a group, Airbnb is the way for something affordable, otherwise, Hotel Bellevue is reasonably priced if you book in advance - hope this helps!

Ooh thank you so much, great advice

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