Girls Christmas Getogether

I’m looking for a fun venue for a girls Christmas dinner. Central like Covent Garden or thereabouts…. Fun, bit glam, happy to spend a bit but not break the bank!


What about Brasserie Zédel? It is affordable but still feels special during the festive period. The food is always a hit, and there’s usually some kind of live music. You could then see a cabaret show / go for drinks at one of the adjoining rooms downstairs in the building?

Would also recommend Sucre on Great Marlborough Street - Latin American food is amazing and the vibe is always buzzy. Nice to dress up but still feels relaxed.

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Sucre is super yum! And also has a DJ in the bar downstairs with very nice cocktails and a DJ


Daphne’s is always a winner for a girls dinner. Not quite as central but has a lovely festive feel…


I’d go for the Ivy which is right on the Piazza in Covent Garden

I’ve recently just been to Pachamama in Maryleborne, it’s a sharing concept so you could have as many or as little dishes as you wish. It’s some of the best food that I’ve had in London with such a gorgeous setting and there’s also a really good vibe x

Try Stereo in Covent Garden - its relatively new and a good vibe!