Glassware hire

Hi All

Have a party coming up of roughly 50 people…I am looking to hire glassware but seems Majestic Wine fully booked - does anyone know anywhere else that hires glasses? Or has anyone tried any companies for this?

Any help welcome!


I rate homesense or tkmaxx for this kind of thing! you can get sets of 6-8 and they’re so heavily discounted. As long as you have somewhere to store everything afterwards, it’s such a good shout. They’re always from nice brands too so you won’t be scrimping on quality x

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I agree with Sapna - check out Ikea too

1 Like have a nice selection for hiring for events!

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If it is a special event, it might be fun to look at branded paper cups. You can get these off Etsy and majority are recyclable! x


We had a big party and left the glasses to the last minute and ended up in a panic at Tesco’s and we got some cheap glassware and they were fab for long drinks and wine x

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Rinkit have a wide range of glasses

I bought some RCR crystal tumblers a few years ago (with a Groupon :slight_smile: !) and found them to be really great quality

Just for fun, I wish I had an occasion to get these from Wilko - apparently they look like some from MADE, OKA, Amara etc.:

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