Gold vs Silver jewellery...?

I’ve also always lived by a ‘one metal at a time’ mantra and would never have worn gold with silver. However, I recently got married and my engagement and wedding rings are platinum - what does everyone think about mixing metals?


I don’t seem to mix metal, and to be honest have been thinking the same thing recently having seen more people mixing! I say go for it!


I think you can definitely mix! Silver is having a moment right now!

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I am typically a gold lover but I am really into silver chunky earrings this season so I’ve been switching it up a lot and joining the mix metals club!

I love mixing metals and I think it helps now that you can buy jewellery and watches that are already mixing the two. Perhaps treat yourself to a little bangle or ring that is made up of both so then you can match both your silver and gold jewellery pretty easily. Monica Vinader do this really well.