Good central London pub with decent food not too £££

Hi there, I really struggle for central pubs that are easy for lots people in different directions to get to that are good, without being too high end that they are more restos or out of budget for some friends… any tips?!

The Royal Oak in Marylebone is lovely and reasonably priced! Mains start from about £11

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There are some great central London pubs in here:

I really love the Anchor & Hope in Waterloo.


Thanks so much @heathersteele and @Sandrew both great replies. Love Anchor & Hope too!! I think we’re set and I really appreciate your help!
I LOVE this community, bravo SL team for starting it xxxxx


The Duchess Duke Street has a v good reputation and their menus look v inviting and also The Cavendish is very good😀

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