Graduation gift for a Luxe Girl

Any gift ideas for a Luxe Girl who has just completed her software engineering apprenticeship :woman_student:t2::tada: I am so proud as her manager and would love to treat her :raised_hands:t3: Any ideas?


aw this is so lovely!

I would say there’s a few routes you could go down for this. You could do a sweet and sentimental present like jewellery. A friend of mine from work recently left so I had a personalised beaded bracelet made for her which is quite fun but also sentimental! Check out Candy Beads on instagram for this.

Alternatively an experience or something pampering could be nice - perhaps a massage?

Or if you’re unsure what she’d like, maybe get a voucher for somewhere she likes to shop / somewhere with a lot of choice like selfridges/net a porter - then she can choose anything she wants (with you to thank) !


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I always go back to the gift guides! The LG one has lots of nice ideas

Or could you also get her a restaurant voucher (somewhere like Dishoom) or a gift card for her favourite coffee shop?

Failing that you can’t go wrong with a Byredo or Diptyque candle with a matching candle snuffer!

A piece of jewellery is a great gift which you can wear often and have sentimental value. I got a necklace from Mejuri which I wear everyday and its a nice reminder.

Depending on what she plans on doing next but perhaps a lovely Papier journal or planner to go with some flowers?

I got her a personalised bracket- she loved it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: