Graduation outfit

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on where to look for a graduation outfit. It’s on a Monday and it will be warm so I want something not overly dressy but still fun and comfortable.

I’m considering possibly renting because it’s probably something I won’t wear again but if I loved it enough I would also buy. Im just stuck on where to start.
Would love any recommendations:)


We actually made a TikTok about this over on LuxeGirl! Graduation outfit inspo from the LuxeGirls... ✨✨✨ #graduation #graduat... | TikTok

If you’re considering renting I love the brand Aje - Hurr have loads of options: Rent Aje - HURR

Another amazing rental brand is Borrowed From, they have so many gorgeous dresses: Dresses – Borrowed From

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I went for something really simple for my graduation outfit, I wore a pretty white linen dress that I have worn many times since. Your gown really does cover most of your outfit, so I would consider either buying something you will wear again or renting. I also liked wearing linen because it was a really hot day for me too, especially when wearing the hat!
It is definitely worth thinking about what colours you have on your gown/hat too, as you want to compliment them. I had pink details on my gown so that is why I went with a white dress!

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If you’re up for renting, check out Loan The Look -

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I think renting would be your best bet. I rented mine via Hurr- so many great dresses to choose from!

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Totally agree re colours! My gown had blue accents so I re-wore a cobalt dress but got some really fun embellished shoes – these are the thing most on show anyway once you’re wearing your gown. Accessorising is also a way to show a bit of your personal style/personality.

If I was graduating again I’d probably go for a fun pair like these Mango ones

But remember to consider the location of your ceremony and where you’ll be walking (must admit I ignored our ‘practical shoes’ memo!)

Nobody’s Child is great for nice, smarter summer dresses that you can wear time and time again. I have a couple I dress up and down for different events. Like Rixo, they have the same shapes of dress in different prints/colours